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As a Portuguese organisation we take very serious the quality of our meals and ingredients. Normally we buy local and bio food. We like to cook fresh stuff and eat nicely. We believe this is a good way to keep moral high!

Smoking is not allowed onboard. E-cigarettes is fine.

Accidents onboard are covered by our insurance. When you go ashore you are not covered by insurance. We recommend you to get a travel insurance. https://www.worldnomads.com/row/travel-insurance/activities

Our Nautor Swan 411 has 7 bunks: 4 bunks in 2 cabins and 3 bunks in a saloon. For a question of privacy we set a limit of 3 sailors per expedition + staff (max2) If you have a group then we can open up to 5 places.

More than 12 yo are welcome to the Guadiana sailing expedition. Contact us for tailor made sailing expeditions designed for young travellers.

The tourist season in the Algarve starts early April through late September/October of each year. More options of flights during this period. The “best time” depends upon what one is willing to experience. Seasonal highlights, which can vary somewhat from season to season, include the following: September – November: The early part of the season showcases a number of highlights. Temperature still good. Tourists are leaving so everything is much more quiet. Southwest winds prevalent, especially on the west side of the Ibera Peninsula. Nice land breezes on coastal trips. December – March: The decreased number of daylight hours brings exceptional opportunities for night sailing passages. Nice coastal sailing available. The weather can be challenging sometimes during this period. Recommended for experienced sailors. April – June: Spring is a good time to to the Guadiana route and try some hiking. At this time of the year you will find plenty of flights to reach Portugal but tourism is not in the peak yet. July- August: Sightings of whales and dolphins are at their peak in the Gulf of Cadiz. Also the best season to cache some tuna. The seas are quiet and wind not so strong. Temperatures around 30 ºC. best season to do a pleasant night sailing to Gibraltar with little sailing experience. The eastern winds will pick up this time of the year, bringing warmer water but also some SE swell from the Strait.

The temperature in the southwest Europe is Med style. The airflow in the cabin can be regulated by yourself. We recommend you to check windy.com before you pack your stuff.

No experience required, although in some expeditions we strongly recommend you complete an International Crew / Bareboat Skipper course. If you have no sea experience at all we recommend you to do our entry level expedition - Guadiana Sailing Expedition.

Before arriving, you just need to pay a 320 Euro deposit in order for us to save your spot. The rest of the money is paid 2 months before your expeditions starts.

Please choose the expedition you want to join (on the navigation menu), select a starting date and fill the booking form. We will reply to you with the confirmation of your trip. If you have any questions please contact us.

Everyday lunch and dinner is included on every expedition. We will try to source from local producers and cook as healthy as possible. Meals ashore not included.

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